What we do

Augere provides affordable broadband connections to the internet in countries in South Asia using 4G wireless technologies.

Qubee Bangladesh

QUBEE is one of the leading 4G internet service providers in Bangladesh, offering true broadband experience (greater than 1Mbps speed) to all.

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Qubee Pakistan

Qubee is the leading 4G player in the country, offering fast, reliable and affordable wireless broadband Internet services to residential and business consumers.

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About Augere

Augere provides fast, reliable and competitively priced Wireless Broadband Internet Services under the brand name 'Qubee'. It is an established emerging market player with best-in-class unit economics and proven track record in the Indian subcontinent. We firmly believe that internet access has potential to transform societies for better and especially in emerging markets, which are adopting internet based services to leapfrog into an era of prosperity.

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